It’s My Right!

Legalize Love Blog picNow I am probably very outspoken.                                           I become very passionate when I am discussing something that I have a strong opinion on and let no man stand in my way or feel my wrath! The age I am also has a huge influence on this ‘right to have my say’ having grown up in a time where huge changes in equal rights in relation to race, gender among others means I have had opportunities to express myself freely far more than any other time before me and I am eternally grateful for that.

However, I can’t help but notice that these days people have a penchant for saying negative divisive statements which serve no purpose for the greater good in the name of freedom of speech. Frankly, I think this is an insult to what the statement stands for and can only serve in diluting the potency and positive directional change it brings as more people clamor to voice opinions that are just down right offensive.

I use the individual in the public eye currently Katie Hopkins, a figure of controversy lambasting and lamenting about every topic from politics down to whether a child will be good or bad because of the name he or she has!?! This woman who only recently was in this years Celebrity Big Brother so she could air more controversial views is endemic of how society judge others based on a little bit of fact and a whole lot of emotion. Commenting through various tweets on the situation in Palestine and making Anti-Islamic statements Katie Hopkins is using real problems and situations and muddying their analysis with covert racist views that unfortunately some people will see and take as an accurate judgement.

What bugs me is that there is no intellectual in-depth research gone into correctly ascertaining whether what you are saying is correct. That is what most great speakers or influential thinkers would do before making statements of sweeping generalizations, at least more than anything so they may be taken seriously. What do you think? Is it right that people share their views no matter how controversial because really that’s how they feel inside? Or should people be trying to attain that wisdom which is knowing that all things be it race, gender or class, that  these constructs are there to keep people pigeon-holed and that it is seriously time to move onto a new paradigm and way of thinking?


One thought on “It’s My Right!

  1. imtiazhasan says:

    Your freedom to say what you feel however controversial ha to be seen as that which elicits debate. If that be the only motive then why not. But if it is used to instil and profess hate and anger and bias then that is a different story altogether

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