Duh Estupido!


This is truly my one bug bear. The major teeth grinding, eye rolling, blood pressure inducing annoyance that irritates me far more than it should! When did it become ok to be dumb? As an academic it is fair to say we do sometimes have this disposition to over analysis and critique every minor little utterance or written text. However, it has come to my attention the up coming generation’s are truly lacking in some basic common sense. I give you an example, my fiance and I decided to pop down to our local Odeon cinema one summer evening to watch the dire Godzilla movie. Upon waiting for what felt like eons we were finally served by a very lack luster young woman probably aged between 19-21 years old. As it was a nice warm evening me and my partner thought hey why not get a couple Heineken’s. (When suddenly did regular cinema’s start selling alcohol?) I digress, as I was saying we fancied a beer so when the young woman started pouring the beer into the cup she just poured it straight in from the bottle. Yep straight, no tilting of the cup to ensure you don’t end up with a pile of froth which is exactly what I was left with. 1/4 beer 3/4 foam! I was livid this beer cost £5.00 and I said as much to my fiance. “Where’s the common sense” I ranted. But that’s what it is you see, no matter how small I keep seeing this almost autonomous lack of understanding and no aspirations to understand and learn. I also have to comment on the pathetic champion boxer Floyd May-weather who for all his expertise in the ring cannot READ!?! After I recovered from my initial humor I felt sad, imagine to have all those millions in the bank and you can’t read some of the wonderful prose out there not only that but have a significant disability in being able to interact with the world around you. In this aspect I think I know who the bigger loser is. This man is revered in popular culture and often posts gaudy 10 sec clips on Instagram of all his cars, Jewels and riches. Followed by millions this is surely not someone you would want your loved one to emulate?

An article from the daily mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2730791/Are-STUPID-Britons-people-IQ-decline.html

Showed a recent study by Dr Richard Lynn a psychologist at the university of Ulster calculated the decline in human genetic potential. He used data on average IQs’ around the world in 1950 – 2000 to discover our collective intelligence has dropped by 1%.

It doesn’t sound like a lot but definitely highlights the trend that is occurring. We live in an age now where we’ve come to the point of dependency on technology for our every need that we don’t have that critical thought process at our beck and call. We have become sluggish and it is not a good example to the youth. Just the other day I played a game where we was competing to see who could work out the long multiplication sum the quickest. You might think I lead a boring life (I don’t as it goes!) But I found it immense fun and I got a kick that ‘I still had it’ and could get the correct answer. Not all youngsters have such a lack of willingness to learn. My sister who is 22 is currently undertaking a degree to become a sports therapist. The way she is able to article herself in a conversation about anatomy so well it makes me well up with pride and emotion. The passion to learn more about her discipline is very evident and a direct result of the positive influences in her life. We ourselves have a duty to ensure our future generation don’t end up mindless drones because we were too busy with our smartphones to really care.


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